XRAY XB8 Shock Absorbers – Zero Rebound

XRAY XB8 Shock Absorbers – Zero Rebound

Bestellung XRAY 358107

Bestellung XRAY 358207

XB8 Shock Absorbers – Zero Rebound
– Allows to set zero rebound
– Decreases responsiveness
– Improves bump absorption
– Great especially for bumpy tracks
– Allows to install shock membrane on top of shock body
– Shock cap with vent hole and adjusting screw
– Quick & easy spring preload adjustment
– 3.5mm thick shock shafts
– Ultra-free movement of the shock rod
– Complete set of 2 shock absorbers

Complete sets of Zero Rebound Shock Absorbers for XB8. Zero Rebound Shocks can be set to allow less rebound than standard shock absorbers, decreasing responsiveness and improving bump absorption on bumpy tracks.

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